Lucky Likes Rough Sex

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Lucky Anne and Peter Green had a night of lovemaking and now she's reminiscing about how rough he was while in the shower. So much so that she stops Peter from leaving the house to talk about her desires. She ends up admitting that she wants Peter to get mad at her so they can have rougher sex. Peter wasn't into it until she plays with the idea of playing on his billiards table and mess around with the sticks. Peter doesn't like that and warns her to not play with them or else he'll get real mad. Well, Lucky knew exactly what to do. Lucky began to play on the billiards table and threw the sticks to the floor. Once Peter came home immediately noticed how dirty the table and began to see red. He started to scream at Lucky before going full berserk mode. He slaps her, spits on her, straps her on the table and shoves his fat cock inside of her mouth over and over again. Lucky can be seen struggling with pleasure until they move on to the bedroom when the real action started. Peter sure is lucky to have Lucky around she's a cute girl who loves to have rough sex, just the way I like it. Watch Peter teach Lucky a lesson by fucking her silly and witness Lucky quiver in euphoria from getting dicked down and getting slapped at the same time.

Length: 53:13
Rating: 95% Like
Download: 4K MP4 MOV MPG WMV
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