The Password is Abuse Me

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Lily Lou heard stories from her girlfriends about this house where if you have the right password you get the best sex of your life. This dude lives there, Peter Green, he doesn’t hold back. He just slaps, spits, chokes and fucks really hard. Lily was so excited to go she almost forgot the part with the password and Peter tried to kick her out 3 times. But the finally she got on her knees and said the correct password and Peter dragged her by her throat into the house. He slapped her, he slapped her tits, he spit in hour mouth, choked her with a belt and he fucked her hard. He abused her and gave her the most amazing orgasm. Then he came on her face.

Length: 29:12
Rating: 85% Like
Download: 4K MP4 MOV MPG WMV
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